Donations and partnerships play a critical role in helping us further our mission. Learn below about our donation and partnership options and how you can join us in building a network dedicated to increasing access to higher education. Visit Our Partners to see a list of our current partners and details of our partnership.


  • Endowment donation — endowment donations help create perpetual impact by allowing us to redeploy repayments from students to fund future student loans
  • Foundation donation (USA) — Zomia is in the process of registering a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation in the U.S. This foundation will allow lenders who do not wish to receive repayments from students to receive a tax-deductible receipt.
  • Foundation donation (Netherlands) — our partner foundation in the Netherlands, Vanderes Foundation, accepts higher education donations and issues Dutch tax credit.
  • Operational donation — we welcome direct donations that help us further our mission and reach more students more effectively


In addition to crowdfunding student loans, we work with institutions, foundations, and institutional investors to develop student loan products that meet their philanthropic goals. We are passionate about the impact we create and are eager to work with organisations that share this passion. Some of the options we offer larger investors are:

  • Class loans — spread your contributions across a full Zomia class
  • Loan matching — inspire lending by matching loans made by others lenders
  • Diversity loans — focus your funding on students from certain marginalized or underrepresented communities (e.g., students who belong to a specific group like “females in STEM-related fields,” “Cambodian students,” etc.)
  • Endowment donation — contribute to Zomia’s endowment and have us redeploy the proceeds from student payments to future students to perpetuate impact




Would you like to support students or partner in another way? Let us know in the contact form above. We’re happy to discuss other options and tailor programs to your needs. We have a presence in the United States, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, and the Netherlands.