Step 1: Verify Eligibility & Register

Verify your eligibility for a loan and register for a Zomia account. An email address is all you need to get started.

Step 2: Request Recommendations

Register the individual(s) serving as references. Send e-mail messages requesting recommendations.

Step 3: Fill Out Application Form

Provide details about your background, interests, education, finances, and goals.

Step 4: Assemble & Upload Files

Review the supplemental file checklist below. Assemble and upload all required files.

Step 5: Review & Submit Application

Return to the application and review all content. Submit when you’re ready. Good luck!

Note: You may use the buttons above to register and begin the application.

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2024

Decision Notification: July 5

Loan applications are currently accepted once annually during the months of April, May, and June. To apply, please follow the steps described above. Be sure to review our eligibility requirements and other student FAQs.

You do not need to complete the application in a single session; save your progress on occasion and return to submit at a later time. Saving your responses periodically is particularly important if you’re on a poor internet connection.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process applications not submitted online except in extreme cases. If you have limited internet connectivity, visit your nearest internet cafe or use a mobile hotspot. Live more than 40 or 50 kilometers from a city or town with internet connectivity? Please contact us here and we’ll see what we can do.

Below is a list of supplemental files you’ll need to provide as part of your application. As you begin preparing materials, note that the maximum size of any single file is 8 MB.

Supplemental Materials

File Checklist

Maximum size of a single file: 8 MB
Upload the following via the application attachments page (accepted file formats listed there):

Required?  Item Description
Personal essay on your background or life story (suggested length 500-750 words) Please write as you might share your story with potential lenders. If you become a Zomia student, this story will be used as the foundation of your web profile; see these examples from Khine and Jonathan.
Resumé or CV (include paid jobs, community service, leadership roles, awards, and volunteer experience)
Copy of passport cover/photo page or other government-issued ID card
Documentation of university tuition and other fees (documented tuition amounts as issued by your school/program)
   References (personal, professional, or academic – register 3 references using our recommendation request page – all you need is a name and e-mail address for each)
  Personal photos (at least two: one portrait and one or more “fun photos” that capture your personality – need an example? just scroll to the top of this page!)
University acceptance letter or evidence of admission (something documenting your enrollment or offer of admission)
Copies of current university transcripts
Documentation of any scholarships you’ve been awarded or applied for (if applicable)
Copies of your IELTS, TOEFL, or other English language test results (if available)