Earn a $50 Gift Card as a Monthly Lender

Provide $100 in automated monthly loans and earn a $50 gift card from a retailer of your choice!

Among our biggest challenges at Zomia is predicting student support. We have the unenviable task of committing to fund students for an entire academic year—before we’ve secured all the capital necessary to fund their loans. The more predictable our lender contributions, the better we can plan student distributions and future support.

Introducing Monthly Lending

Recently, we enabled a feature allowing lenders to make automatic monthly loans. Sign up for monthly lending, and on the first of each month we’ll automatically allocate funds to students matching your lending preferences.

This feature helps us by making future contributions predictable. If we had 100 lenders providing an average of $100 each, we could count on $10,000 monthly and $120,000 a year in student funding! This predictability would go a long way toward giving us confidence that as students apply we’ll have adequate funding to support them.

Earn a $50 Gift Card

Because monthly lending is so valuable to us, we’re offering $50 gift cards to the first 50 lenders to contribute at least $100 via automated monthly lending. Sign up at $100 monthly, and you’ll earn your reward after a single contribution. At $25, you’ll reach the threshold after four months.

Contribute $100 via Monthly Lending to Earn Your Reward

Monthly Lending Active

Tap toggle on your portfolio to enable

As seen in the video above, signing up is quick and easy. Register for a Zomia lender account or sign in if you already have one. From your portfolio, tap the toggle to enable monthly lending, then enter a loan amount and set preferences and payment details. Once registered, you can pause or cancel payments at any time—but you must reach $100 in total monthly lending contributions before your gift card will be sent.

Get $50 in “Free Money” & Your Loan Funding Back

And remember, your loan is just that: a loan! As students make repayments, disbursals will be credited to your account. You can then withdraw those funds or reallocate them to other students.

Care to join us? We love our monthly lenders!

Monthly Lending $50 Gift Card Giveaway FAQs

How Can I Earn a $50 Gift Card?

To earn your gift card, you must provide at least $100 in loan funding to Zomia students via automated monthly lending. Sign up to make monthly loans in multiples of $25, and once your total lifetime monthly lending contribution reaches $100, we’ll send you a $50 gift card.

How Will My $50 Gift Card Be Delivered?

Your gift card will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Zomia lender account.

Where Can My Gift Card Be Redeemed?

We use Giftbit for gift card delivery, giving you a number of options for redemption. After receiving your gift card via e-mail, you may redeem on Amazon, iTunes, and a number of other online retailers.

Monthly Lending FAQs

What is Monthly Lending?

Monthly lending is a feature allowing Zomia lenders to automatically allocate funds to students every month. Zomia charges your credit card and allocates loan funding to individual students, normally on the 1st of every month.

Can I Specify Which Students Receive My Monthly Contributions?

Yes. If desired, you may set preferences to prioritize funding based upon student gender, country, or program of study. Additionally, you may prioritize students you’ve already funded in the past. If no student matching your preferences is in need of additional funding, Zomia will allocate your funds to a student of its choosing.

Can I Pause or Stop Automated Monthly Lending?

Yes. You may set the [Monthly Lending] toggle from your portfolio at any time. Set the toggle to “off” to disable the feature. If you do not re-enable your contributions before the end of a calendar month, you may need to re-enter your credit card information to resume.
Monthly Lending Active Monthly Lending Off

Are My Credit Card Details Safe?

Zomia uses Stripe for all monthly lending credit card processing. We do not store lender credit card numbers or expiration dates anywhere in our systems. Your credit card details are persisted by Stripe, which does much to protect your data. (Stripe exists to process credit cards securely, and we believe they’re safe!)

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Earn a $50 Gift Card as a Monthly Lender

Provide $100 in automated monthly loans and earn a $50 gift card from a retailer of your choice! Among our […]

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