The Nitty-Gritty of Zomia Gift Cards

Zomia gift cards may be redeemed to fund student loans on the Zomia SPC website. For 12 months following the date of purchase, gift card holders may redeem the card in full by applying the associated gift card code at checkout to fund one or more student loans.

If the gift card is not redeemed within 12 months of purchase, the entire unused value of the card is automatically transferred to Zomia’s peer support fund, which is used exclusively to fund student loans. The unused value cannot be used to fund Zomia SPC’s general operating expenses and may not be considered a charitable donation due to Zomia’s status as a for-profit social purpose corporation.

Zomia Gift Card with Presenter

A physical Zomia gift card and “presenter,” in which the card is placed

Zomia gift cards can be delivered in one of three ways:

  1. Physical cards may be sent via the US Postal Service to addresses in the United States and Canada. Physical cards are plastic and mounted in a protective sleeve (or “presenter”) before being placed in an envelope along with a separate insert containing instructions and an optional custom message. Physical cards may be sent to the purchaser, enabling delivery in person, or directly to the intended recipient.
  2. Cards may be sent via e-mail by Zomia directly to the intended recipient. Electronic gift cards contain the same gift card code and are subject to the same terms and conditions as physical cards.
  3. Finally, cards may be printed by the purchaser so a physical replica can be delivered to the recipient. The printable document is sent to the purchaser via e-mail in PDF form.

If you send a gift card via e-mail, Zomia will send a reminder to the recipient’s e-mail address if the value has not been redeemed within 30 days prior to the expiration date. If physical or printed gift cards are sent, the purchaser is responsible for reminding the recipient to use the card before the expiration date.

The purchaser of a Zomia gift card the owner of the card until it is redeemed by another user. If the purchaser decides to use the value of the card him/herself, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to alert his or her recipient that the card may no longer be used by the recipient.

Zomia gift card must be redeemed to fund student loans on the Zomia website and may not be used to purchase other goods or services. Redemption occurs when the full value of the gift card is applied to a “basket” of student loans prior to checkout on the Zomia website, Redemption requires the redeemer to register as a lender on the Zomia website. Upon redemption, ownership of the gift card is transferred in full to the redeemer. All subsequent loan repayments made by the student(s) supported are re-distributed to the redeemer via Zomia’s standard repayment pooling process.

Please be careful with your Zomia gift card! Except in very rare circumstances, Zomia gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost.

Gift cards are denominated in US dollar amounts (minimum $25) and are available for purchase here.

Zomia gift cards and their use are subject to Zomia SPC’s standard website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.