2020 U.S. Election Bingo Cards

On Tuesday, voters in the United States will go to the polls as they do every November—and as nearly any literate adult knows, the U.S. presidency is up for grabs in 2020. Four years ago, Zomia conducted a pre-election poll and organized discussions with students. This year, we decided to follow more closely and have some fun as results come in.

By “having some fun,” we don’t mean to imply that the election should be taken lightly. American leadership and policy impact people around the globe. We won’t get into the issues here, but the challenges we face—from climate change to the coronavirus pandemic to growing economic inequality—are daunting.

Yet while we are taking the election seriously, we thought it could be fun to have a set of Bingo cards to use when following returns on Tuesday/Wednesday—so we created some. 😀

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A mac computer displaying the Zomia portfolio

Introducing the new lender portfolio

We started Zomia to make the financial system work better for students. One way to achieve this is to enable anyone to fund students who need support. We value these supporters and hope to provide them with a place where they can see the difference that they’re making.

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