What are the most important sections of the application?

We take into account dozens of factors when evaluating your application. During this process, we typically find that applicants either stand out or fall behind in the following areas, so we encourage you to ensure you have these parts to the application correct!

  • Your loan budget: We look very closely at the budget you’ve created in order to determine how much you need. If your budget is inaccurate, incomplete, or isn’t explained well, then we need to follow up with you and go through it together manually. Save us and yourself time by double-checking the following: Did I enter the correct amounts in each field? Are these amounts realistic? Did I provide every detail about my financial situation?
  • Your references: The best references we receive are the ones that are honest and candid. As we don’t know you yet, your references provide us with an outside perspective. Questions to consider before asking someone to be your reference include: Does this reference know my strengths and weaknesses well? Will this reference provide an honest assessment of my character and suitability for a loan? If the answer to either of those questions is “no” then we strongly encourage you to find someone else!
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