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Education is one of the most important aspects of society, benefiting both individuals and society as a whole. It benefits society through economical, political and cultural means. In today’s expanding and globalized world, where the movement of people, goods, and ideas among countries and regions is increasing, education plays a crucial role.

My name is Champ, and I was born in Myanmar. I am the eldest son in my family and have one younger brother. Although I am currently in Myanmar, I previously studied at Bangkok University in Thailand.

I consider myself a socially active person. Though I am generally quiet, I am full of fun and knowledge that I haven’t had many chances to express or showcase. Despite my reserved nature, I am a strong-willed individual. I have many friends.

From a young age, I was taught to be caring and thoughtful, but I was also cautioned against trusting people too easily. Nevertheless, I approach others with a positive attitude. During my higher studies, I had the opportunity to meet people from different regions, cultures, and traditions. This experience will help me interact with others from diverse backgrounds in the future.

After completing high school in 2017, I enrolled at Chindwin College in Myanmar, majoring in Business Management. I participated in the college’s blood donation society, donating blood three times. I take pride in this contribution and am prepared to donate again when the need arises.

In 2019, I took the Preparatory English Course at Bangkok University. This course provided me with valuable leadership, writing, and presentation skills. Subsequently, I joined the Entrepreneurship and Management Program at the same university. I received a 50% tuition discount and earned an overall GPA of 3.74 during my first year in the program.

 About Champ

  • Age: 25
  • Ethnicity: Burmese
  • Country: Myanmar

 School & Program

  • Bangkok University
  • Bachelor’s, Entrepreneurship & Management
  • Graduated

Goals & Dreams

  • Become a successful businessman
  • Promote small local businesses
  • Visit Switzerland

 Loan Details

  • Loan Amount: $8,400
  • Amount Left To Fund: $6,875
  • Contract Duration: 14 years
  • Status: In Deferment
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What Others Are Saying About Champ

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Because of the Covid-19 situation, I was forced to return to Myanmar after completing my first year. At that time, my family’s income began to decline, forcing me to take a semester off and assist with our family business to save money for future semesters. Later, I applied for financial aid from the university and received a grant of 10,000 Thai baht. With this support, along with my savings, I continued my second year.

Presently, I find myself in need of additional financial assistance to continue my studies. The Covid-19 pandemic and the current political situation in Myanmar have significantly reduced my family’s income, limiting my ability to concentrate on my studies. Along with the challenges of Covid-19, in early 2021, a military coup turned the lives of millions of people in my country upside down.

Looking ahead, I aspire to pursue my dream of becoming a businessman by furthering my studies. After graduation, I plan to support and promote small businesses in my community. By establishing networks and providing them with consultations, I hope to assist in the development of quality products that can be exported to other countries.

Written by Champ with editing assistance from Zomia’s volunteer editors.



“After graduation, I plan to support and promote small businesses in my community. I hope to assist in the development of quality products that can be exported to other countries.”

Q&A With Champ

Survey Fun

What is your favorite memory?
Travelling with my family
How would your friends describe you?
Kind, friendly and a good listener
What is the one thing that isn’t taught in school but should be?
Being kind and compassionate to others
What is/was your favorite subject in school?
Brand management
What skill or ability do you most wish you had (but lack today)?
Self-confidence and leadership skills
If you could do anything you wanted now, what would it be?
I want democracy in Myanmar!
Where would you most like to travel?
Korea and Switzerland
What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
Korean BBQ
What’s your dream job?
Business consultant for small local businesses
If you won $1 million in a lottery, how would you spend it?
I would use $500,000 for my parents, my education and a new house. And another $500,000 would go to educational organizations and underprivileged individuals in Myanmar.

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