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My name is Kaung Khant, and I am the elder of two sons in my family. My parents had their second child when I was three. Both my brother and I receive good care from our parents.

Both of my parents work for a small organization to provide for the family. They both come from poor and uneducated backgrounds and have no experience in doing business. As a result, we have consistently faced difficult financial situations throughout our lives.

I completed my primary and secondary education in my hometown, Mandalay. Even though my parents did not receive good educations, they have always tried to create opportunities for me to obtain a good education. Their commitment to my academic achievement motivates me to study harder. In order to live up my parents’ expectations, I have tried my best at school, receiving awards for my academic performance as well as my participation in school activities.

As a result of his hard work, my father was able to support the family a little more than he was previously. However, his financial income merely covers the school fees of my siblings and basic family needs because he has to support other relatives as well. However, amidst the financial difficulties, my parents worked hard to support my education throughout my high school years.

Eventually, I passed the matriculation examination with high scores during the 2011-2012 academic year. After finishing high school, without exploring my interests, I chose to study Mechanical Engineering in Technological University, Mandalay. As the first year went by, I began to realize that this was not my real interest.

Later, due to the unstable political situation and weak community development process in my country, I discovered an interest in Social and Political Science. So I quit the engineering program and started to find opportunities to pursue my interest in Social and Political Science. As a result, I was able to join the one-year scholarship program in Community Leadership and Social Studies at Kant Kaw Education Center in 2015.

 About Kaung Khant

  • Age: 27
  • Ethnicity: Burmese
  • Country: Myanmar

 School & Program

  • Rangsit University
  • Bachelor’s, International Political Economy & Development
  • Graduated

Goals & Dreams

  • Engage in community development programs as a public administrator
  • Become a writer

 Loan Details

  • Loan Amount: $4,225
  • Amount Left To Fund: $2,100
  • Contract Duration: 12 years
  • Status: In Repayment
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What Others Are Saying About Kaung Khant

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Throughout my life, I have actively participated in social activities and volunteer work. I enjoy participating in different activities and working with different organizations. During my engineering student life, I acted as one of the executive members of the Literature, Culture and Art Association and participated in publishing a school magazine.

Moreover, I participated as a youth member in the Mandalay Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and engaged in various activities such as volunteering in peace programs, multiculturalism, and other youth programs. I also worked as an intern at YMCA. During my internship period, I was selected as a representative of Mandalay region to take part in an event organized by YMCA Denmark. Furthermore, I was a volunteer English teacher in the service learning program of Kant Kaw Education Center in a small monastery school which is situated in Bago.

Currently, I am studying at Rangsit University of Thailand majoring in International Political Economy and Development. Being an international student, I have encountered various challenges of studying abroad. Among them, insufficient financial support is the most significant struggle I have faced.

My aspiration is to pursue a career in the field of development and make significant differences in my country. Upon graduation, I would like to serve as a public administrator and manage the development programs in my country. Myanmar is a developing country which needs new policies due to its internal political issues. Therefore, I am studying International Political Economy and Development since it will ensure not only my personal and professional growth but also the success of development work in my country as a whole.

Written by Kaung Khant with editing assistance from Zomia’s volunteer editors.

Kaung Khant

Kaung Khant

“I am studying International Political Economy and Development since it will ensure not only my personal and professional growth but also the success of development work in my country as a whole.”

Q&A With Kaung Khant

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My high school life
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Ordinary person
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Writing poems, fiction and short stories
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My graduation
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Around the world
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