How can I make my application shine?

  • Be yourself! The best essays demonstrate a student’s individuality, unique interests, and passions.
  • Show existing financial support. We know this isn’t easy to secure, but students who’ve prepared for the cost of a university education stand apart from those who have not. Students partially funded via family support, personal savings, income from part-time work, or scholarships face better odds of receiving a Zomia loan.
  • Proofread your application. Nearly all of our students study at international colleges where English is a prerequisite for success. Long-term, English proficiency increases career opportunities and enables rich participation in the Zomia student community. We do not expect flawless writing but we do look for effort and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrate to us that you have the potential to succeed academically at the university level. If you’re already a university student, a transcript of your grades will tell us how you’re doing in school. If you’re entering your first year of college, standardized tests are the best indicator of your abilities to succeed at school. We will use our current students’ TOEFL, IELTS, GED, or other scores as a benchmark to evaluate your application.
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