Not Just a Student

Today we released “Not Just a Student,” a short video that introduces Zomia’s work while illustrating the power of higher education. The film follows a Zomia student’s journey through life—from the village where she grew up, to college, and then back to her hometown where she returned to work as a nurse practitioner.

This video is one of the many ways we’ll be sharing our work and the life-changing impact higher education can have on a student. Although the video communicates the mechanics of our model, it also reinforces the idea that education is the best investment we can make in long-term change.



About the film

“Not Just a Student” was filmed in Chiang Mai and Pong Yaeng, Thailand, in October 2016. The film features Zomia students Mwe LengSai NoomShengsarJonathanYing (and her family), StevenMaybel, and Mway. Music is from “Eyes Wide Open,” by Tony Anderson . 144 volunteers helped launched the short simultaneously via Facebook using Thunderclap.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our friends in Washington, DC, who put a great deal of time and energy into making the film:


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