FY2016 Social Purpose Report

Today we published our FY2016 social purpose report, an update on our past three years. A special thanks goes to our community of lenders 🙏🙏. There are now 64 students pursuing a higher education as a result of their funding and support. The report can be read online at zom.io/spc2016 or downloaded as a PDF at zom.io/spc2016-pdf.

Report highlights

  • As of the end of FY2016, our lenders have supported 64 students with a little over $235,000 in funding.
  • We released “Not Just A Student,” an inspirational short, which is now our new favorite way of sharing Zomia!
  • We tabled alongside Angkor Awakens screenings as the documentary rolled out in Landmark cinemas across the U.S. Read more about our participation in the screenings here.
  • We participated in Peace Corps Connect, a large annual gathering of Peace Corps alumni in Washington, D.C.

Past annual reports

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